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All-Star Paul George was on the cover.The law requiring licenses wasn't new, according to a report from Apple Insider NBA 2K Coins. But, Apple wasn't strict about enforcing the rules on app developers who wanted to make their apps to be available to users in China. Apple issued notices to developers for four years after they had violated licensing rules. They had until June 30th 2020 to apply for the license or be removed from the app store.

A large number of developers decided to not obtain a license from the Chinese government. These developers instead agreed to allow Apple remove their apps out of the reach of Chinese users. According to a report published by Reuters, only 74 of the top 1,500 paid games were granted a license to be sold in China and the total compliance less than 5percent.

It wasn't just indie developers that decided to not obtain an authorization either. Some of the games were also taken off Apple's app store by major developers such as Take-Two or Ubisoft. As it stands, NBA 2k as well as Assassin's Creed Identity can't be downloaded through the Apple app store if your location is China. Prior to December 31, app purge, another 94,000 had been removed from the store's apps, bringing 2020s total loss up to 140,000 apps.

From January 2020 to November of this year, Apple's gaming revenue from China was around $13 billion Buy NBA 2K22 MT. This represents an increase of 14% on revenue for the year 2019. It is unknown how the purge of apps will impact the revenues of Apple in the coming year or if app developers will choose to obtain a license in order to restore their games to the Chinese market.


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