About SaGuLi

About SaGuLi Social

SaGuLi Social is owned by Ryan Melo, an Overseas Filipino Worker based in Kuwait working as a Digital Marketing Specialist and Web Developer.
SaGuLi Social is FREE to use for all the Real People in the World. With the title "SHARING WITH REAL PEOPLE", this Website and App is mainly for all the individual who knows how to Respect Others Privacy, Respect Others' Lives, Respect to the Opinion of Others, Respect on Nature, Government, and the Law in every Country. SaGuLi Social aims to secure all the members of our community and give them all the access that they need for personal or for work use. The Owner is sharing SaGuLi Social to all the members and trusting them that they will follow the Terms, which are provided and can be read on Terms of Use and Terms of Service.

My Goal

Life is too hard, indeed, I've been working for other People since when I was 15 years of age, and now I'm still here working in Kuwait trying to get a life, and that's really hard. I am now 32 years old, and I want to change my life and others' life for better if they will allow me to do so. I've seen all the hard times of all the Filipinos working Abroad and in my Country. Life is really unfair because these Rich People who have the power to help the poor are just trying their best to get all the money that they can get WITHOUT THINKING TO SHARE A LITTLE to others.

My goal is to reach and get my dream in order for me to help my Family, my Relatives, our Community, and all the Real People in the World, especially those who are in need.

My Dream

My dream is to build a Company that will help all the Filipinos and other Nationals who are really in need financially. This Company will share 50% of its profit to all the members of the SaGuLi Community and the 50% will be used for the maintenance and development of SaGuLi Social.

How can I do that?

I will be building Establishments that could generate more Jobs for all the SaGuLi Social Community Members, each establishment will be hiring 1 member of a Family, she/he will get paid as normal salary like other establishments does, BUT SaGuLi Social will be providing a SaGuLi BONUS that worth 50% of his/her Salary as additional payment for his/her work service.

Why will I do that?

I'm not a rich man ever since, I struggled a lot financially when I was working in my own Country due to very low salary if you compare that to the real cost of living, it's really hard to support your family. If a person can't provide well to his Family, then big problems will arise (Broken Family, Drugs, Crimes, etc.). I want to help each Family to be intact to each other, I want to help all the less fortunate People by showing them that there's still hope. I want to teach all the People in the World that Sharing is really important to maintain balance in life, for you, for your Family, Friends, and Other People Around you.

This is my dream and my Son Nigel dream, let me reach and get it and make all this happen.
SUPPORT SaGuLi Social by sharing it with your Family, Friends, and Other Real People around you.